Starfields 2017: Reviewed

The St Andrews Fashion Show’s annual Starfields concert is rarely unsuccessful and despite the usual groans of weather and pricing, this year’s event can be added to a long list of FS’s successes. As usual, if alcohol and a group of young adults are congregated in a festival-style event, people will always have a good time–even if it’s in a tiny town in Scotland in the middle of September.

The History, The Golf, The Uni, The Beer

For a town with so many beer lovers, it is surprising there are not dozens of craft breweries nearby.  Up until January, the closest was in Kirkcaldy, but thanks to brewer Bob Phaff, we now can enjoy local ales. Bob recently established St. Andrews Brewing Company, and has spent the last month creating his artisanal ales. His first batches will be released next week, with the first tasting at Luvians on Tuesday March 5th at 6.30pm

The Beer Baron: The Flying Dog

When I decided to embark on this quest to try every brewery stocked by Luvians, and pair them with a tasty dish, I hadn’t counted on one thing: Freshers Flu. Nasal passages blocked, tastebuds shot, I was the living, snuffling embodiment of the poor soul on the Vick’s Advert. All the wonderful aromas of tasty craft beers stolen from me, I was to rely purely on my weakened sense of taste. Luckily for me (and hopefully for the pairings), the brewery this week doesn’t mess around when it comes to punchy, powerful flavours.