Macbeth: Reviewed

It’s the Scottish play in Scotland, but also in New York, and in the 80’s – not to mention in the round. There is so much to talk about in BoxedIn Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, which went up this week in the StAge. It was, in short, a treat. The performances were captivating without exception: Lydia Seed was thrilling to watch, and left me furious with Shakespeare for not putting Lady Macbeth onstage twice as often as she is. Bailey Fear was exquisitely unbalanced as Macbeth, and he and Seed radiated the toxic, irresistible chemistry which fuels the tragedy from beginning to end. The characters in this play are complicated, and these nuances shone through across the board: the strength and raw emotion of Macduff (Molly Williams); the reluctant, inexplicable charisma of Malcolm (Xavier Atkins); the genuine good nature of Banquo (Henry Roberts), which seems to mark him for death from the start. Ana Fati, Naphysa Awuah, and Cameron Chavers deserve special mention as the witches – evil has never looked so fun.

Best Shakespearean Characters Translated into Film

Having been around more than four hundred years, the plays by William Shakespeare have been performed excessively. Not a complaint, of course, but it can be hard to distinguish the worthwhile interpretations from the not-so-much. Film adaptations are often riskier, fuelled by actors leaping at the chance to be ‘the one who got it right’. While every character portrayal has its merits, some actors exceed expectations with their originality. Here are some scene-stealers – the best of the best.

On the Rocks: Echofield

You may recognize Echofield, as the winners of this year’s charity ‘St Andrews Got Talent.' The band consists of Josh Taylor, Charles Harrison, and Ben Holloway, a guitar and vocal three-piece who are steadily increasing recognition and popularity within St Andrews and further afield. Owl Eyes had the oppourtunity to speak to Josh Taylor, lead vocalist, to learn more about the band…