Holidays Highlights: Museums of Madrid

Before I went to Madrid, I expected what I had experienced in Barcelona, which was lots of sangria drinking and paella eating. When I decided to travel to Spain again, I knew that I should add Madrid to my itinerary but had no idea what to expect.

An Interview with Race2

With Race2 right around the corner, I managed to pull the busy Emma Robertson, Race2 Coordinator, aside for a few minutes to ask her a few questions about the race. Not only was she gracious enough to give me the time, but gave me some wonderful answers that were full of excitement. Curious about Race2? Racing yourself? Read on and get your fundraising pages ready.

Five things that aren’t in your Paris guidebook

Ernest Hemingway once claimed ‘there is no cure for Paris’, yet faced with a sterile and outdated guidebook in your hand it might be difficult to truly fall victim to the soul-inhabiting sickness that is I Love Paris Syndrome. So, to see this feeble metaphor through to its end and ensure that Paris really does weaken you at the knees, toss aside the guidebook and follow the doctor’s orders.