The Golden Seashells on our Sea Shore

You know who won at the Oscars, you know who won at eh BAFTAs, but tonight, you find out who wins at the Golden Seashells! Tonight, for the first time ever, Mermaids is properly celebrating the shows that we’ve all enjoyed so much throughout the year.

Mercury Fur: Reviewed

Mercury Fur was, in a word, different. A site-specific adventure, the play was a bit of a novelty for St Andrews, a town used to theatrical productions no farther away than the Barron or the Union. The production team in charge of advertising, marketing, and general hype should be thoroughly commended – those butterflies, previews, and riot reports flooded my life, from the library digital screens to the front page of my Facebook newsfeed. The buzz around Mercury Fur was enormous; but did the production live up to the hype?