Starfields 2018: Reviewed

As some friends and I paraded down Market Street on Saturday afternoon armed with Smirnoff Ice and besprinkled with glitter, two students passing by took one look at us and declared aloud, “Starfields is today.” While St Andrews is known for its events that call for some of the most adventurous outfits you’ve ever seen at a university gathering, Starfields is probably the one of the most notorious. A signalling wave goodbye to the summer holiday and the last hurrah before Freshers’ Week ends, Starfields is the crowning jewel in a week of revelry and welcome celebrations.

What to Wear: Starfields 2017

Notably St Andrews’ “last hurrah” for the summer before reality sets in and we all have to get to work, Starfields is a great opportunity to get down to some class house music and get one last use out of that Hawaiian shirt.  Put on by the committee of the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show, known affectionately as FS, it’s a combination of music festival and booze-fueled garden party with plenty of glitter to go around – but not quite Glasto or Burning Man. So: what on earth do you wear? If you’re struggling with outfit inspiration and you don’t want to resort to chucking on your gap-year trousers (you know the ones) and a crop top last minute, look no further. Here are a few ideas for what to wear to Starfields.

Under Canvas Launch Reviewed

If any of you were wondering what that strange sound was last night coming from the direction of 1 Golf Place, it was the sound of Under Canvas 2015 officially kicking off. For £3, we got a small but very sweet taste of what to expect on April 25th. If you missed out, be sure to get yourself to ticket sales because if last night was any indication, it will undoubtedly be a night to remember.


As I sit here writing this preview, I’m acutely aware of the fact that as a fourth year, my time in our beloved little bubble is coming all too quickly to an end. As such, I plan to spend the next few months ticking off all the remaining items on my St Andrews bucket list (finally play some golf, climb St Rule’s Tower, step on the PH, etc). There are a few things that appear on my list two, three, or four times however, because I simply couldn’t get enough of them. Under Canvas is one of those things. The other 649 people who came last year will agree: there’s nothing else like it.

Starfields 2014: Reviewed

A casual observer in St Andrews on Saturday would have noticed a few strange happenings occurring in the otherwise rather sleepy coastal town. In the stately old quad, large white vans were hauling in case after case of red bull while billowing white tents were being skillfully assembled all around the Lower College green. On the far right corner of the lawn, a towering, dome-like structure rose up above a black stage with speakers dotted all around to ensure ear-shattering music could be heard from all angles. As the afternoon dragged on, the streets were soon flooded with gypsy skirts, fringy crop tops, and mirrored shades; men flaunted more bohemian tops than blazers and more trainers than Oxfords, a rare occurrence in a town as posh as St Andrews.

Love is Music Festival: Reviewed

The ‘Love is Music Enviro-Music Festival’ was held in the beautiful (and highly appropriate given the environmental focus of the event) Botanical Gardens, and promised ‘a day of music, environmental awareness activities and food’. The event page encouraged attendees to bring their own picnic, and so I arrived shortly after 1pm, swinging my Tesco bags, and, exchanging the £5 entry fee for a stamp, settled down on the grass to enjoy some music.


Under Canvas 2014 was a wild and eclectic evening, and it gave guests a very different kind of event than the typical St Andrews ball. It was a refreshingly chilled-out, informal night with a great vibe, great people, and absolutely stellar music.

When KT Tunstall Climbed The West Port

I first saw KT Tunstall play in 2005 at Shepherd’s Bush Empire with two friends and my boyfriend at the time. It was a memorable experience, not only because we were the youngest people in the audience, but because we snuck in some McDonalds chips for our dinner and accidently knocked the remainders over the edge of the balcony, and they landed on someone's head. Luckily, the angry security guard believed us when we sat there, shaking our heads guiltily at the crumpled chip box being waved in front of us.

Eye O’ The Dug: St Andrews’ Latest Music Festival

First, we had Starfields. Now, the Union are launching their latest music festival, Eye O’ The Dug, due to take place in St Andrews on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April 2012, in conjunction with native Fife company, Fence Records. Whilst the line-up is yet to be released, past artists have included KT Tunstall, British Sea Power, Caribou, Hot Chip, Johnny Flynn and many more. With the Union’s recent track record of hosting an increased range of exciting acts, this event looks like it will be a huge success.