9 Books for 2019

By this time in the semester, it’s probably safe to assume that many new year’s resolutions have sorta…fizzled out. That doesn’t mean that efforts to make 2019 an exceptional year should be disregarded. To make 2019 a unique, unconventional year, we can start by consuming unique, unconventional written works. The publishing industry routinely churns out monotonous material, but there are definitely a few unique books on the market. If you’re tired of reading the same old stuff and want to survey the kind of material that reinvents literature, then the following books should definitely be added to your list.

Travel Ideas for Every New Year’s Resolution

Time sped by us quickly again – already back in a new year. I never make New Year’s Resolutions, but many people do, and I hope that with these travel suggestions, you may accomplish yours while embarking on travel to exciting new places.