The Playlist: Halloween

If, for some absolutely ridiculous reason, your October 31st plans don’t revolve around drunkenly attempting to fight at least one of the two ghosts who haunt St Andrews Cathedral, then firstly: you’re doing Halloween wrong. Secondly, you could probably use a few spooky tunes to rattle your bones and get you in the Halloween spirit! As a preliminary disclaimer, I’d like to point out that this playlist does not include Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett’s ‘Monster Mash’ nor the main theme from Scooby Doo. Apologies in advance, but those are already no-brainers. For a truly thrilling night, check out these bangers that are guaranteed to kill.

House of Horrors: Back from the Grave

It is finally that time of year! Autumn has well and truly settled in and heavier coats and scarves have been making their appearance all throughout town. And autumn means that it is (at last) time for Halloween!

The Return of House of Horrors

Everyone loves Halloween. It is a holiday where we can dress up and feel like kids again (and get drunk while doing it). On one of the first truly cold nights of the year, The Rule was transformed into something out of our Halloween dreams – especially given the utter lack of events on the holiday last year. Relaunched and revamped after its last event in 2014, House of Horrors is back in St Andrews to make Halloween spooktacular.

The Taste of Autumn

Today I woke up to autumn. The subtlest of seasons, autumn edges in indecisively. Before the tell-tale blaze of leaves lighting up the trees, there’s a subtle change in the texture of the air, a keening of the breeze. This October, we have already enjoyed a heat wave, endured gales of rain and even the threat of light snow. But finally, the grocer is stocking squashes and roots, you need a jacket when you go outside, field mice have invaded our living room and a Sunday isn’t Sunday without Downton Abbey. We are here, enjoying this last swell of life before the year dies.