The Great Gatsby: Preview

If you’ve ever taken an English class, or been to a vaguely themed party in the past few years, chances are you’ve heard of The Great Gatsby. Even this magazine takes its name from a Great Gatsby character. F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel about wealth and love in the roaring 20s is infamous, and St Andrews is seeing its own adaptation coming to the Stage this week. Owl Eyes sat down with the Director, Madison Hauser, to ask a few questions about how to manage a party quite so big.

Hostel Hopping in the UK

It’s safe to say that I love travelling. I’ve done the whole ‘swanky hotels’ with gleaming marble-floored receptions and four-poster beds and I loved the indulgence. I’ve also done the complete opposite travelling through Southeast Asia, almost coping with the horrifically stained curtains, back-breaking spring mattresses and ripped mosquito nets. Somewhere in the middle of these two extremes I found myself indulging in the youth hostels that Britain has to offer this summer, and I am more than impressed with what the Youth Hostel Association (YHA) and National Trust have to offer.