Travels of a Vegetarian

No matter where I’ve been I have never had a problem being a vegetarian. I will admit that I have never been to the Mongolian steppes or a small village in Africa, but in my experience being a vegetarian abroad is easy. Yes, the waiter at a café I went to in Montmartre in Paris didn’t quite understand that vegetarians do not eat ham as a general rule, but these sorts of linguistic and cultural differences are bound to happen, especially when one person speaks only a sort of garbled Franglais that’s the sad result of two years of French classes. That aside, I’ve always quite enjoyed being a vegetarian abroad, as it forces me to go on hunts for nice cafes and cosy, local restaurants. Plus, I invariably have seen more of a city in my wanderings, even if that has meant that by the time I’ve reached a nice café I am so exhausted I have flopped into a chair like a rag doll for two hours.

A Vegetarian, a Pizza, and a Crush

One of the things I love about St Andrews, is that students throw dinner parties. Not just casual get-togethers or potlucks, but full on, multiple-course dinners. At first, I found this concept to be too grown-up for students on a budget, but I quickly became a fan of these feasts. I have been served everything from scallops, to individual white chocolate crème brulées to imported balsamic vinegar, and usually find myself completely stuffed!

Vegetarian Life: Nahm Jim

As a vegetarian and occasional pescatarian, it can be particularly challenging to find a good meal in St. Andrews. Nahm Jim, the Thai and Japanese food restaurant on Market Street has a large menu, featuring all types of sushi and a wide range of main courses and starters, along with imported beers and inventive cocktails. To be honest, it has been difficult for me to find a good meat-free main dish here, and a number of times I have left unsatisfied, only to sneak into Tesco’s for a guilty late night snack.