Art Auction: Culture Y

Culture Y is a St Andrews students organization dedicated to creating interesting and innovative art based events for the St Andrews community.

Rome: A Love Letter to the Roman Architectural Colour Palette

Roma, Roma, Roma. I hardly spent enough time (roughly 36 hours) in Roma to write a piece that does it any justice whatsoever. Roma has inspired a plethora of writers, architects, artists, philosophers, politicians, historians and poets for hundreds and hundreds of years; to think I could produce any form of insightful commentary, thoughts or even capture a worthwhile picture of such a grand city is an insult.

A Conversation with Oh Comely

I caught up with Liz Ann Bennett, from the amazing print magazine Oh Comely, a “lifestyle magazine with life”. They write about a vast array of different things, with each issue having a central theme. They also feature a ton of photography and illustration in each issue, making Oh Comely Magazine a truly collectible piece of print.

New York In Photographs

As I’m not always the best with words I found myself completely stuck for ideas about what to write about New York. It’s such a well-known place. Everyone knows what New York is like, or at least has an idea of what it’s like from the hundreds of films and tv shows set there! Plus, there will be tons of students here who know New York waaaay better than I do, or could ever, being native New Yorkers themselves. I really just didn’t think I’d be able to write anything new. Instead, here are some of the photos I took from my trip that sum up the experience I had in the wonderful city.

Wemyss & Other Wares

Having never visited the St Andrews Museum before, I was intrigued to find out what was inside when I visited the Wemyss and Other Wares exhibition. The St Andrews Museum is the large imposing Victorian mansion you see on the way to the North Haugh, opposite the tennis courts and bowls lawn. Inside, there is a café with a permanent collection on the ground floor, and upstairs is home to the Wemyss and Other Wares exhibition, organised by the Museum and Gallery Studies students.The exhibition is a showcase of nineteenth and twentieth century pottery from four of Kirkcaldy’s potteries, including the famous Wemyss Ware, notably favoured by Elton John and Prince Charles.