Women in the Arts: Reviewed

St Andrews’ all girl A cappella group, ‘The Accidentals’ and the charity, ‘Women for Women’ combined their efforts to bring us St Andrews’ second annual ‘Women in the Arts’, showcasing a variety of different types of art forms including dancing, poetry and singing!

Literary Villains

Villains appeal to the basic desires we cultivate from our earliest bedtime stories. They taught us right from wrong, good from bad, and continue to impact the decisions we make into adulthood; that is, if whoever read to you used the voices, otherwise you’re on your own. Antagonists, as we get older, become infinitely more complex than the simple archetypes for jealousy or wrath. Good antagonists, even more so. But they’re what we remember long after the book has been renegaded to the shelf. They’re the characters that truly frighten us, that we hate, or even that we understand the most. I’ll go through these categories and find you the perfect book for those of you who secretly wish for world-domination, or even just to give you an excuse to throw your book against the wall. Apologise to your book bindings, and please don’t break your kindle. Here we go.

Inklight Welcome Back Open Mic: Reviewed

‘THE DONKEY SANCTUARY HAS TAKEN ALL OUR MONEY’ Esmond screams in a packed room of strangers who stand nodding angrily as he rails against a unjust society in which impoverished donkeys are flying to Barbados while humanity wastes away in slums. Having finished his manifesto against the bourgeoisie equus africanus asinus, Esmond then proceeds to describe a lizard that shoots blood out of it’s eyes as a defence mechanism before avid applause.

Valentine’s Playlist

It’s Valentine’s Day this Saturday and whether you’re celebrating with your SO or on your lonesome here’s a special Valentine’s Playlist to share the love. Both Bon Iver’s Flume and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind deal with love lost whilst celebrating its formation and intensity. Joyce’s Araby, though only a few short pages, depicts love’s infancy with innocent realism, a realism shared in arguably the greatest of Donne’s poems The Good Morrow. This Thursday hosts Inklight’s annual Valentine’s Open Heart, Open Mic night with plenty of tales of heartbreak and adoration on offer; you can even share your own.

Inklight Open Mic: Reviewed

I’ll be honest. Poetry and public speaking are well out of my comfort zone. It is with great surprise to say that Inklight’s Open Mic night has successfully started to dismantle the deep-seated fear of both poetry and performing. The Open Mic night ran from seven in the evening to about half nine – a great way to ease into a chill night, drinking and chatting with friends. I was intrigued as to the kinds of poetry that would be showcased, and expected, more than anything, teenage melodramatic and cheesy poetry. On the contrary, the poetry, rap and short stories delivered and performed were either mature and profound or bitingly funny.

Women in the Arts: Reviewed

On the evening of Wednesday 15th of October, I went to see the showcase for female talent in St Andrews: ‘Women in the Arts’. As a fresher, it was the first event of its kind which I’ve seen so far in my time here, and I must admit it will be hard for other performances to live up to such a wonderful night of entertainment.

The Beautiful Way To Browse The Internet

Those who are yet to discover Pinterest, be warned: it’s addictive. In the past week, there has been a huge amount of new interest in the latest social networking site. Pinterest allows you to build your own virtual pin board, using images sourced by others from across the Internet.