“Because It’s Different”: A Lobes Preview

According to Oli Savage, it’s a cursed week. His actor was late to rehearsal. The room he walked into was cluttered with scones, tea, and more chairs than you could possibly guess. By his own admissions, his hands are covered in blisters after trying to work on his van over the weekend. But for a man with a curse, Oli Savage is surprisingly chipper. Not surprising, given that he’s got, as far as I’m aware, 2 projects on the go, not to mention being on OTR committee, teching for the Revue, being in a band and running his own theatre company. With that much on, being anything other than chipper is just admitting defeat.

Christmas Ball: Preview

‘You’re a wizard Harry’ is the phrase I think we’ve all spent a good portion of our childhood waiting to hear. I mean we all came to University in St. Andrews; we might as well have Hogwarts in brackets on the prospectus. In the last couple of weeks, the myriad of Harry Potter beanies may have actually had you believing you were in the Hogwarts library. Unfortunately those beanies won’t be around for long, the clever Mermaids have been playing on our wildest Harry Potter fantasies. That’s right Christmas ball is nearly here, and this year the Yule Ball is coming to St. Andrews.

Preview: An Impromptu Performance

This week’s Mermaids production is another student written piece: An Impromptu Performance, written and directed by Beatriz Azevado. Her team kindly let me sit in on one of their rehearsals, and afterwards, I had a few questions.

Preview: RolePlay

As a journalist, interviews are quite an easy, care-free way to write an article, as you’re ultimately responsible for a small fraction of the content. At least they’re usually easy. But recently I sat down with Nishant Raj and Jamie Jones, the dynamic directing duo behind upcoming comedy, RolePlay. It’s best to imagine the following as spoken over a constant barrage of laughter from all parties.

Xavier Ball: Preview

‘Be bright’ is the slogan for Xavier Ball, and it definitely sounds like a brilliant, positive event with a clear focus on making refugees’ lives brighter. On Friday 23rd October, Crail Airfield will be the venue for this fantastic evening.

Preview: The Waste Land

This week, the first Mermaid production of the academic year opens: The Waste Land, a rehearsed reading of T.S. Eliot’s famous poem. In anticipation of this, I sat down for an interview with the director of the production. Joanna Bowman is the current Mermaids president and an accomplished director, having helmed works like Crave, That Face, and Pornography. This is what she had to say.

The Playlist: The Secret Garden Party

The Lumsden Club’s newest tete-a-tete, this Saturday’s Secret Garden Party, is set to be one of the freshest, sweetest and chilled out events of the semester, aiming to bring the perfect festival vibe to St. Andrews by evoking what they call ‘Coachella with a British twist’. The Secret Garden Party, held in the gardens of the Crasanquhar Estate, will be the replacement of the annual PIMM’S. Join the Lumsden in bidding farewell to the summer and embracing the arms of autumn – but not before you listen to our getting ready playlist to help you get into those festival grooves, evoke festivals past and celebrate this summers’ epic new releases.

Rasputin’s Circus Preview

Rasputin’s Circus, an event promising to bring clubbing to a whole new level, has been on the lips of many St Andreans the past few weeks as the event has quickly gained popularity and hype throughout the town. With in-town representatives and the ticket seller Skiddle.com selling tickets to this travelling circus of a club, the buzz has been quickly increasing as the event draws near. And yet, little is known about this event, which draws its inspiration from notorious historical figure, Grigori Rasputin.