dRAG WALK: Season Six invited the students of St Andrews to the table, and when the food was finally served, the host stood up and said, “Tuck in!”. On the menu? Fish. Now, typically, I am somewhat closeminded about Club 601, but the audience of Saints LGBT’s dRAG Walk was rather more clothes-minded, and consequently the event was a glorious phantasmagoria of colour, sound and campy behaviour. With a purple Pablo in each hand, the honorary drink of RAG Week, my friends and I (severely underdressed) tenaciously approached the catwalk, curious about the evening’s paw-sibilities. Following a quick succession of risqué tunes, see Khia’s My Neck, My Back (Lick It), and a pastiche of slut-drops and flexible hip gyrations, the time had come for the kings and queens of St Andrews to offer up their filthiest, fiercest fashion for consumption, in the style of this university’s most glamorous fashion extravaganzas; riotously proving their wit and intellect are just as sharp as their contour.

St Andrews Charities Campaign: Get Involved!

The St Andrews Charities Campaign raises hundreds of thousands of pounds for three amazing charities each year. We spoke with Julianna Joss, the Postgraduate Coordinator of the St Andrews Charities Campaign, to learn more about what they do. What she feels is quite remarkable is that these charities are selected by students, thus giving us a connection to initiatives and events throughout the year (RAG Week, Catwalk, Race2, just to name a few) that benefit these good causes. This past year, the student body elected their local charity: Families First, their national charity: Scottish Refugee Council, and their international charity, Save the Children. As the 2017-2018 academic year draws to a close, they are looking for their next charities to support – one international, one national and one local charity.

Catwalk Reviewed: cheekbones and charity

In St Andrews, February is synonymous with ‘fashion show season’ – frankly I couldn’t have thought of a better event to start the season than by the Charities Campaign’s Catwalk charity fashion show. Part of RAG week, Catwalk differentiates itself from heavy weights FS and DON’T WALK by developing concepts that can be replicated in real life, exemplified through this year’s concept of ‘the undergrowth’. A representation of urban grime culture, I felt the concept was so far removed from what we are used to seeing in St Andrews, making it even more interesting.

CATWALK: Reviewed

After a year-long hiatus, Catwalk is back. RAG Week’s Fashion show was held in Club 601, whose construction last academic year was the cause of the fashion show being cancelled. That, however, led to two things- St. Andrews’ newest club, and a much heightened sense of anticipation for this year’s show, which did not fail to disappoint. The darkened interior of 601 was transformed with strobe lights and smoke machines, a runway taking pride of place in the centre.

dRAG Walk: Reviewed

For anyone who doesn’t know what dRAG Walk is, where have you been?! This was their third cycle and it was just as, if not more, fabulous than its previous iterations.

Preview: RAG Week 2016

This will be my third RAG week in St Andrews and I am happy to say it is looking to be the biggest and most exciting RAG week in St Andrews history. With around 50 events and 15 headlining events, RAG 2016 and over 40 societies have come together to bring St Andrews a RAG week to remember.

RAG Week Life Drawing

Who doesn’t like drawing nude figures in the softly lit cave of the Barron Theatre? No one? Good. The Art Society hosts life drawing every Tuesday night from 8.15-10.15pm and all are welcome. Chairs are set up in rows in the audience section of the theatre while the model graces the stage. There are different models each week, with a nice mix of men and women. This week, the President of Art Soc herself was our lovely model, and she did an excellent job. She was versatile and composed, holding poses that were interesting and beautiful to render on the page. We started with a 10-minute pose, a few quick 1 to 5 minute poses, and then a longer 15-minute pose. The variation in time was great, allowing for fast sketches to loosen up, and longer poses where one could focus more on detail.

RAG Week Launch Party Reviewed

It’s that time of year again when I’m really quite thankful purple is one of my favorite colors. All around the town, dedicated volunteers sporting their dark purple t-shirts are putting on various performances, activities, and events to raise money for three amazing charities: Families First St Andrews, Macmillan Cancer Support, and Medecins Sans Frontiers. These Willy Wonka colored volunteers belong to the team running RAG week, an abbreviation for Raising and Giving Week, which officially started on Saturday night with their launch party in the Main Bar of the Union.