The Golden Seashells on our Sea Shore

You know who won at the Oscars, you know who won at eh BAFTAs, but tonight, you find out who wins at the Golden Seashells! Tonight, for the first time ever, Mermaids is properly celebrating the shows that we’ve all enjoyed so much throughout the year.

Autumn Activities for All

Well, it’s official: autumn is here for the season in St Andrews. After a few weeks of indecisive weather that makes the “will-they-won’t-they” tension of a RomCom look tame, Scotland has finally settled on its traditional fare of rain, clouds, wind, a bit more rain, and, oh why not, a few more clouds. And you know what? I don’t care; I love it.  I absolutely adore this time of year, when there’s a slight nip in the winter winds blowing through the town. The grey skies and the choppy sea match the grey colour scheme of the university’s buildings, the few leaves we do have are turning shades of ochres and reds, and I can finally wear my favourite scarves (mostly) without looks of judgment from the cold-impervious locals.