Read Leaves: Short-stories for long study breaks

If there’s one thing St Andrews doesn’t lack, it’s distractions from the extremely enriching and necessary class work which never seems to stop piling up.  And here I am, offering you a list of ten more distractions to crowd your browser’s tab bar.  If this just happens to be the perfect opportunity for me to re-read these gems instead of writing my essay that’s due in less than three days, then so be it. The following ten short stories are riveting enough to be read all at once, sure to make procrastinating a worthwhile endeavor.

Books to travel with

A good book can place you into a culture without having been there, or enhance it further by travelling and recognizing what the authors meant when they were writing. Some of my favorite holidays have been made even better by having a good book by my side that gives me an authentic insight to the culture I’m experiencing.

The Philosophy of Reading

Reading, like most things, is a matter of preference; some love it, some hate it and some only bring out the books during the hours spent on the beach in summer. Despite this, it is a sad fact that reading is a pastime met with far more disdain than any others (apart from maybe train spotting or stamp collecting). When you happen to mention your love of literature or that your university degree involves the reading of fiction, some common reactions are either ‘urgh really’ or ‘why would you want to read?’ It is the latter that I think is the most difficult to explain.

Why You Should Don A Shite Shirt

Everyone knows a man with a truly awful shirt. Be it pink paisley or an impulse purchase whilst on holiday in Hawaii, a bad shirt is not forgotten quickly. Dads are renowned for owning such treasures, as well as anyone who was alive during the Eighties. You only need to take a look at your parents’ old photo albums to spot these ghastly garments.

Reading List: Countryside Literature

If you’ve ever pictured yourself living a life out of Country Living magazine, then this reading list is for you. Country-lit is the literary equivalent of a cup of tea and a hot buttered crumpet on a cold autumnal day. Unlike chick-lit, it is funnier, better written and doesn’t leave you feeling embarrassed when you’re intellectually-smug friend comes over and says, “You’re not actually reading this… are you?” Here are Owl Eyes’ hand-picked selection of our favourite country-lit books…

Speed Dating: Finding Love in the Union

“I’m only here as a joke y’know… like I’m here with my friends.” This is line you will hear from almost every single person that attended last week’s SHAG Week Speed Dating in the Union. Yes, we are all here as a joke… or so we say. Shifty eyes and requests for your number afterwards suggests otherwise.