Halloween Recipes

It’s that time of year again! Crack out your pumpkins and cobwebs for these festive Halloween treats. Whether you’re trick-or-treating, hosting a spooky gathering, or just getting into the Halloween spirit, these recipes will hit the spot.

Around the World in Eighty Recipes: Italy

There’s more than one way to travel the world! While St Andrews has tons of Italian eateries to try, Italian cuisine can be done just as well in your kitchen. These delicious recipes will upgrade your Italian cooking beyond just pasta!

Clementine Cake from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, based on James Thurber’s short story in the 1939 The New Yorker. Ben Stiller plays the main character, Walter, a photo editor at Life magazine responsible for historic photos, who loses a very important and the crucial shot and has to treck, fly, jump and swim around the world chasing its photographer. Great movie to watch.

Recipes from Colombia: Avena

I spent five weeks in Colombia this summer. In my memory it was, and forever will be, a country of dynamic beauty. On one particularly long and arduous journey from Salento to Bogotá, my friends and I were astounded by what we saw outside the grimy windows of the collectivo bus that left a thick trail of black smoke in its wake. Mountains like ragged gods with roads gouged precipitously from their sides, so swerving that I lost count of how many roadside shrines we passed with headlights from previous accidents watched over by the Virgin Mary.