Sweet Study Treats

These fun cookie recipes are the perfect study snack for revision! Feel free to add your own toppings to personalize the cookies! 

Top 5 Coffee Shops to Revise in

With revision in full flow, I’ve put together a handy little guide of the top 5 coffee shops to study in. There are many coffee shops in St Andrews; however, these are my top 5 and when in need of a change I usually rotate through these 5 coffee shops.

Can’t Miss Cafés: Study Week Special

We all know that feeling, when you leave the library after a particularly long slog, bleary eyed with a stack of eros coffee cups balanced precariously on your laptop (because, when faced with the imminent death by revision, suddenly lap tops become less important) and in desperate need of some ibuprofen. All you crave is another caffeine fix, although you know after your 10th one you will never get to sleep. Whilst there are many eligible coffee shops in St Andrews where you could go to get your next hit, I want to take you away on a little coffee shop tour of the world to ease your exam woes. Whether you want to day dream you’re in the middle of New York talking to a particularly handsome barista about symbolism in Milton, or you’re looking for inspiration over the mercifully exam free summer, I can guarantee that there will be a coffee shop on here that will make you forget all about short loans and all-nighters spent wilting in the silent section, even just for a little while…

Brain Food

There’s no better time than during exams to think about how what we eat effects how we think. High brain function is essential during this time in the semester to sustain our study efforts, and luckily, studies show that there are certain foods that can help with this.  During exams we should all consider swapping our usual study snacks for a few of the following foods so that we can help our brains be at their absolute best.

Best Websites for Procrastination

I consider myself to be a great procrastinator. Pretty much anything can be more interesting to me than reading for an essay or revising for an exam, when I really really need to be working. If you struggle to find things to do when all you really want to do is procrastinate, here are some of the best websites to waste your time on!

The Playlist: Revision Music

With revision dragging everyone under, here is a collection of a few songs to help you keep your head above water. These tracks are collaborated for their tendency to sink nicely into the background to allow your studying to keep ticking on while drowning out the surrounding noise. It will hopefully have the desired calming effect to help relieve some stress and inspire your own playlist.