Romantic Scotland: 14 Ideas for February 14th

Although I dislike Valentine’s Day, for the commercial scheme it is, I am still a romantic and have a few suggestions of what to do that are not nauseatingly sweet. Whether you’re looking to reignite the spark, woo a new flame, or just go on a wee adventure with the one you love, Scotland has many romantic spots perfect for this special occasion.

Venice for Valentines

With Valentine’s Day looming, it is the perfect time to book a romantic trip away. The city of Venice, emerging from the Venetian Lagoon like a mythological entity lost in time, is for me the most romantic place on earth. Having spent a month there, and visited on numerous occasions, it holds a particularly special place in my heart. This is my guide of the most romantic things to do, in the world’s most romantic city.

Films For Everyone: Valentine edition

If you must watch something gooey this weekend, at least make it a good film. And if you need to watch something confirming your absolute hatred of the opposite sex and relationships in general, well the latter bunch should help you out.

Restaurant Review: The Adamson

With the opening of The Adamson in April, my foodie prayers were answered. A gourmet restaurant with a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere is something St. Andrews has needed for a while. The restaurant’s exceptional setting, staff, and food have exceeded my expectations for such a small town.

Speed Dating: Finding Love in the Union

“I’m only here as a joke y’know… like I’m here with my friends.” This is line you will hear from almost every single person that attended last week’s SHAG Week Speed Dating in the Union. Yes, we are all here as a joke… or so we say. Shifty eyes and requests for your number afterwards suggests otherwise.