RAG Week Launch Party Reviewed

It’s that time of year again when I’m really quite thankful purple is one of my favorite colors. All around the town, dedicated volunteers sporting their dark purple t-shirts are putting on various performances, activities, and events to raise money for three amazing charities: Families First St Andrews, Macmillan Cancer Support, and Medecins Sans Frontiers. These Willy Wonka colored volunteers belong to the team running RAG week, an abbreviation for Raising and Giving Week, which officially started on Saturday night with their launch party in the Main Bar of the Union.

That Time I Went To A 65th Birthday Party in Spremberg

After successfully getting out of bed in time and unsuccessfully trying to hitchhike the wrong way out of our starting location, we plumped for Plan B: Walk2Prague. There’s something quite depressing about starting a hitchhike with a four-mile walk, only to end up where other teams had been dropped off that morning. However, from then on in, getting down the country was almost too easy. Seeing as there’s only so long I can draw out a narrative about sitting in cars where we explained for the umpteenth time that, yes, St Andrews is the university that Wills and Kate went to, here are some pictures to amuse you:

Exclusive Interview: Race2Prague Winners Dougal Adamson & Tom Whitehead

Spend your holidays glued to the live map detailing the adventures of the Race2Prague racers like we did? The Wanderer took some time to sit down for an exclusive interview with the winners of the Charities Campaign hitchhiking race, third year Biochemists Dougal Adamson and Tom Whitehead. Read on to find out more about how mouldy bananas, Bulgaria and 90s tunes contributed to their success…