Exclusive Interview: Race2Prague Winners Dougal Adamson & Tom Whitehead

Spend your holidays glued to the live map detailing the adventures of the Race2Prague racers like we did? The Wanderer took some time to sit down for an exclusive interview with the winners of the Charities Campaign hitchhiking race, third year Biochemists Dougal Adamson and Tom Whitehead. Read on to find out more about how mouldy bananas, Bulgaria and 90s tunes contributed to their success…

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hitchhiking

Samantha Hadley and Edward Coombe, two members of Race 2 Barcelona’s winning team, 'Divine Gin,* share their tips on surviving the hitchhiking experience.  With just 36 hours to put as much distance between yourself and St Andrews in the Charity Campaign’s Jailbreak, every little helps. They’re also good prep for anyone planning on embarking on a National Rail train journey anytime soon.

Five Things To Do in Barcelona for under €10

“Dónde está Las Ramblas?” tourists ask me, in an unmistaken southern American drawl. “Sabes…L’Ovella Negra?” I know both of these places, the latter primarily for their famous pitchers of sangria. I smile because they don’t realize that concealed in a black Moleskine book I carry is a map of Barcelona, noticeably ripped along the folds.