Opening Ball Review

Like many first years, I jumped at the chance to attend the first major black tie event of the year – the Kate Kennedy opening ball. Finally, I had an excuse to dress up as if it wasn’t October in Scotland and to ignore the impracticality of tackling the cobbles of St Salvator’s quad in heels.

May Ball Review

May Ball is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year and I was looking forward to my first time at this event (especially after organising an intense queuing schedule for tickets that involved me getting up at 4am). Unfortunately, the normal classic ticket holder (such as myself), didn't entitle you to much. Aside from access to Kinkell itself the only bonus you got was access to the three fairground rides, one of the bigger highlights of the evening.

CATWALK Models Announced

This Sunday the new models for CATWALK were announced: take a peek here! Owl Eyes caught up with organiser Laura Carrington to find out more about the 2013 show.