Fleabag Season 2: Sexy Priests and Painful Hilarity

I was a latecomer to Fleabag. Put off by the hype and the unappealing name, I arrived about a year late to the party, where everyone was already putting on their coats to leave, eye-rolling at my snail-paced approach to one of the most popular comedies to have graced our screens in recent times. A similar thing happened with my intense love affair with Monzo (we are still happily together but I’m getting a bit sick of the notifications).

Sex, Violence and BBC iPlayer

Having heard so much about them from friends and seeing streams of good reviews online, I sat down last week and decided, before all the deadlines kick in, it was time to indulge myself in the BBC’s most talked-about series.   After clocking some impressive TV time, I can confirm: Bodyguard and Killing Eve are compelling, thrilling and, most of all, pretty sexy.

What Would Zooey Wear?

After recently realising that Week Four is suddenly upon us, I made two big decisions. The first decision was that this is probably a good time to crack on with my dissertation. The second was to start watching New Girl, the latest American comedy to hit Channel 4.

Up, Up and Away with Pan Am

A new American series is about to hit our television screens in the UK next week, revolving around life in the air on the infamous airline, Pan Am, during the 1960s.