Wine and Cheese Soc at the Byre

The Wine and Cheese society held their first event of the academic year on Tuesday, September 18th at the Byre Theatre. Sophisticated yet relaxed, and flowing with wine, it was certainly an evening to remember.

Top 5 Independent Food Shops in St Andrews

With a new Sainsbury's Local opening in St Andrews in time for summer, it is important to remember the many independent food retailers that fill the town. Although their products can be slightly more expensive than supermarket alternatives, it’s easy to forgive this when you realise the quality of the produce, the range and the advice the retailers have to offer. Here is a list of my top five independent food shops to persuade you to put down the Tesco basket and try something local.

The Guid Cheese Shop

Fourth-year panic has descended over the town in recent weeks. Careers, graduate schemes, internships; for some, it has all become a little overwhelming. Do you secretly, deep-down wish to wave those plans in the big city away and open a cheese shop? After getting her IR degree, The Guid Cheese Shop owner Svetlana Kikharchuk-Redpath did exactly that.