Promising a “cacophony of Asian cultures”, this year’s Sitara event, Iridescence, expanded from its South Asian focus to include a multitude of cultures with the theme of iridescence signifying the bright lights of urban spaces across the continent. Held at the new venue of Lochaber Farm, out of town in the other direction from Kinkell, the marquee was far more decorated than other fashion events, with lit-up trees and an ice luge for drinks.

Sitara* Reviewed

St Andrews would not be the same without all its social events, and the spring semester is notably packed with them.  By the time April rolled around, I was already exhausted from attending the other fashion shows in February.  Seeking some respite from deadlines in the form of a night out, I was looking to round out my St Andrews fashion experience with the multi-coloured jewel in the crown that is Sitara*.  Having never been, I was not sure what to expect, but I can happily say that it did not disappoint.

WTW: Sitara*

Arguably the most vibrant show of St Andrews’ fashion season, Sitara* is back this Friday, and with it comes the challenge of finding something to wear to yet another social event.  Their 2017 theme is “This is my Rang”, focusing on the diversity and vivacity of South Asian culture through fashion and performance.  With colour as the conceptual focus of the show, Sitara* is the perfect opportunity for you to bring forth your most effervescent formal wear and dance the night away to the fusion tunes of DJ Josef Bamba.  If the past few fashion shows seem to have exhausted you of outfit inspiration, here are a few ideas to help you look your best:

Sitara*: Reviewed

Sitara* will always have a fond corner of my heart. In my first year it was one of my favourite events I had ever been to. It was inclusive, it was well-done, it was a drunken milieu of limbs all fighting to be closer to the catwalk and I loved every second. Last year it lost its way a little, but this year it seems to have attempted to fight back to its prowess of two years ago.

What to Wear: Sitara*

The fashion season in St. Andrews is coming to a close, but the life and soul of the season is still to come: Sitara*! Take full advantage of this last opportunity to embrace the outrageous styles and bright colours you still have stowed away at the back of your wardrobe. For those of you who haven’t quite nailed your outfit combo for this gem of an event, here are a few ideas to get you started.

SITARA* Reviewed

This year’s SITARA* fashion show promised to be bigger and better than ever, and it definitely delivered. I had no idea what to expect as I arrived at the marquee at Station Park on the grounds of the Madras Rugby pitches. I was told repeatedly that SITARA* was very different to the other St Andrews fashion shows—in its artistry, in its aims, in the crowd it attracted and in the overall character of the night. Having never been to any other St Andrews fashion show, I came with an open mind, excited to see what all of this year’s hype had been about.

Sitara: Reviewed

As a part of On The Rocks arts festival, Sitara held their fifth annual fashion show this weekend. After a twenty-minute delay before entering the venue, due to tardy security, guests walked into a beautifully decorated Younger Hall.

On The Rocks: open for business

On The Rocks has become the biggest student-run arts festival in Scotland, and if you haven’t heard about it, why not?! It showcases art, photography, film, theatre, dance, fashion, music and comedy from students and the wider community. What’s more, it can claim Sean Connery, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Siobhan Redmond, Crispin Bonham Carter, Joanna Lumley and Simon Pegg as festival patrons.  

Without A Punchline: Reviewed

One of the greatest hits of On The Rocks last year, Rory MacKenzie brought Without A Punchline back to our union this freshers' week to much acclaim once again. With the same cast and crew, this was a display of talent to entice newcomers into the mysterious world of student theatre and served as the perfect way to round off MerDay. Read what we thought here…