April Favorites: What’s in Season

April, the beginning of spring. You’d be forgiven for thinking that with the change of seasons, we are now into our salad days, so to speak. Not so – luckily for us, this is a sweet spot for fresh ingredients. April still carries over some of my favourite ingredients from the end of winter – shellfish, dark leaves such as kale and spinach, and brassicas: broccoli and cauliflower. Additionally, the beginning of spring brings in lamb, spring onions, and watercress. Unfortunately for us students, these glorious ingredients also coincide with deadlines. Here’s a dinner idea which is as impressive as it is easy.

Mastering the Art of Eating Abroad

Last spring break I stumbled upon an unusual talent. It was a talent that my best friend, and best travelling companion, had been nurturing for a few years. It’s a talent that suspended the regular arguments incurred by traveling. A talent that led us into the heart and soul of the cities we explored together. Hopefully I now have you all itching to know what this magical talent is.The talent was finding the best restaurants in whatever city she found herself in. You’d be surprised the impact good food can have on a trip, especially when travelling with friends. Some of my best memories have been made over the splitting of a custard doughnut in Prague, or sipping an earl grey martini in a mixologist bar in Budapest. In the spirit of autumn, I thought I’d share the love, so here are my top tips to mastering this oh so important talent.