Ten Things To Do in Boston

One of the oldest cities in the United States, ‘The City on the Hill’ is home to MIT, Matt Damon many sites of historical interest. With so much to see, it can be easy to be overwhelmed and as exploring a new place can be an expensive business, here are my tips for the best things to do in Boston when travelling on a student budget.

Ten Things to Do in New York

With Taylor Swift blaring out of my headphones, I arrived in the city that doesn’t sleep. Rather fittingly, I hadn’t slept. An eight hour bus drive from Virginia, with the person sitting next to you snoring unnecessarily loudly, is not a recipe for relaxation. But, undeterred, I set about trying to cram as many experiences as possible into one weekend in the Big Apple. Here are my top ten suggestions for a trip to NYC!

Holiday Highlights: Illinois

I spent my third year studying abroad at the University of Richmond. With an early August start date, it was the perfect opportunity to visit my St Andrews friends in their hometowns. Chicago was my first stop, with an airport arrival fittingly baptised with grilled cheese and Arnold Palmers. In the USA for the first time, I was marvelling at everything from traffic lights to the sound of the cicadas, but here are some holiday highlights and travel suggestions that extend beyond road signs and critters!

Impressions of St Andrews as a JSA

There is a lot to say about studying abroad. It is something that someone could talk to you about for hours, but until you are living and experiencing it, it is difficult to know how it feels to immerse yourself into an entirely new culture. I find this fascinating! Two people could even go to the same place and have a drastically different experience. It is such a bizarre, exciting, emotional, and liberating opportunity all wrapped up into one.

Study Abroad: to go or not to go?

Study abroad season is back. Following the information session this month, dreams of doing tutorial readings while tanning, eating your weight in gelato and whiling away the hours in street cafés are in the air. But then reality hits – what about your friends? You’ve only just completed first year after all – do you want to be leaving again so soon? And why did no-one mention that you needed a 13.5 rather than a 7? And how are you going to pay for all this ice-cream?

Tastes of Calabria

Have you ever been to Italy? Probably. Have you ever been to Calabria? Probably not. But here’s why you should.