Read Leaves: Short-stories for long study breaks

If there’s one thing St Andrews doesn’t lack, it’s distractions from the extremely enriching and necessary class work which never seems to stop piling up.  And here I am, offering you a list of ten more distractions to crowd your browser’s tab bar.  If this just happens to be the perfect opportunity for me to re-read these gems instead of writing my essay that’s due in less than three days, then so be it. The following ten short stories are riveting enough to be read all at once, sure to make procrastinating a worthwhile endeavor.

Cocktail of the Week: Aperol Spritz

This week's cocktail is one of my all time favourites: Aperol Spritz. My host family in Verona introduced me to this delicious concoction, and I found that my language skills improved exponentially with just one. It is light and refreshing, and has the perfect hint of bitterness.