Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again?

As the owner of an Amazon prime account I have access to many free films, but on top of these I have purchased seven films which tell a lot about me: firstly there’s the three gritty, tense Iranian dramas, which show that I study Persian. Then the three Richard Curtis/Hugh Grant films, which show that I have been dumped in the last couple of years and that I’m a massive softy. And finally there’s the crowning glory, the one I watch most, after perhaps Four Weddings, Mamma Mia, which shows that I have great taste. This is backed up by the fact that this summer I only went to the cinema three times, once to see Incredibles Two with my brother, and then twice to see Mamma Mia! Here we go again – the most anticipated film of the century for me and every woman named Sandra.

Mastering the Art of the West Coast Road Trip

Whether you have lived in California your whole life like me, or have never seen the Pacific Ocean, a road trip along the West Coast of the USA should definitely be on your bucket list. A year ago I embarked on the 3 state, 1,400-mile-long road trip, and I am here to give you a border to border guide, from a West Coast native.

Holiday Highlights: Corfu

Prior to my trip, when I thought of Corfu I immediately pictured the party scene in Kavos, with crazy club nights and booze cruises. This may have appealed to me in my 6th year of high school but these days, I’m more of a cup of tea and bed by 11 kinda gal. So when my friend and I were looking for a cheap week in the sun we booked a hotel marketed as “small and friendly” in the beautiful resort San Stefanos in Corfu, which is about as far from Kavos as you can get whilst staying on the island.

Mastering the Art of Camp America

If you are ever unsure about what to do with your summer, take a moment to consider this: Camp America. An international company that places willing staff at summer camps all over the U.S.A. Camp America will find you an 8-week placement which includes room and board, walk you through your visa, organise your flights and handle any problems or issues you have before, during and after your time overseas. I can answer your skeptical questions you might have now. Don’t think you can afford it? With low upfront costs, that you can actually earn back in your ‘pocket money’ salary, it is an incredibly cheap way to travel. Don’t think you have the time or energy to sort it out? The application form is online, quick, and Camp America does the rest for you. Don’t think it’ll be fun? Well, I’ve done it twice, and am still craving to go back for another summer.

Holiday Highlights: Navigating the Netherlands

After realising that crossing the channel, passing through France and driving through Belgium would be quicker than my semesterly commute to St. Andrews, it seemed high time to visit the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a staple destination on any St Andrews students’ travel bucket list, but there is so much more to explore than just that one city.

Climb Kilimanjaro: Summer 2016

Recently, I had the pleasure of reaching out to Caitlin Faulds and Ben Walden, two of our students who are braving the tough trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Climbing the tallest freestanding mountain in the world is no easy feat, however with around 40,000 rising to the challenge every year, there must be something extraordinary about this natural wonder! Raising money for Worldwide Cancer Research, Caitlin and Ben are searching for a team of 40 students bold enough to sign up for what will most definitely be the trip of a lifetime and not one to miss out on! Below, Caitlin and Ben give great insight and detail on what to look forward to when partaking in such a thrilling and adventurous experience, from the breathtaking views of the East African plains to the real thrill of the team trek to the summit, this expedition is most definitely invaluable and will make for the most incredible memories!

Rome: A Love Letter to the Roman Architectural Colour Palette

Roma, Roma, Roma. I hardly spent enough time (roughly 36 hours) in Roma to write a piece that does it any justice whatsoever. Roma has inspired a plethora of writers, architects, artists, philosophers, politicians, historians and poets for hundreds and hundreds of years; to think I could produce any form of insightful commentary, thoughts or even capture a worthwhile picture of such a grand city is an insult.

The Lumsden Club Secret Garden Party : Reviewed

Let me start by saying, having heard reviews from friends last year about SGP I was a little apprehensive about going. I needn’t have been. The night begun with an excited crowd of boho clad students, being whisked away on a school type bus to the Cambo estate. Greeted by two live cows, fairy lights and free crisps (thanks to Piper’s, a very well chosen sponsor in my view) I knew I was in for a good night.

What to Wear: The Lumsden Club Secret Garden Party

Waving a final goodbye to summer, there can be a lot of pressure to put together the perfect outfit that sums up summer nostalgia mellowed with Scottish practicality. Dressing for a garden party/ festival in September anywhere in the UK, will always prove a challenge. We’ve put together a few handy tips that will help you nail the Coachella with a Scottish twist vibe. Flower crown at the ready!