Fleabag Season 2: Sexy Priests and Painful Hilarity

I was a latecomer to Fleabag. Put off by the hype and the unappealing name, I arrived about a year late to the party, where everyone was already putting on their coats to leave, eye-rolling at my snail-paced approach to one of the most popular comedies to have graced our screens in recent times. A similar thing happened with my intense love affair with Monzo (we are still happily together but I’m getting a bit sick of the notifications).

One to Catch on iPlayer: Borgen

Scandinavia is cool, and Scandinavian design – from fashion and furniture to electronics and architecture – is a powerful force. Now Scandinavian drama is taking over our tellies. First we had Wallander, then cult hit The Killing, and now Borgen, a political drama filling the void left by The West Wing and The Thick of It.