Concrete Catwalk x The Speakeasy: Reviewed

To celebrate their third year, the St Andrews student fashion blog Concrete Catwalk transformed The Adamson into a 1920’s speakeasy for a night of themed cocktails, music and fashion. The 20’s atmosphere was created mostly due to the guests rather than from any excess of decoration. Other than generic party décor like confetti, taped to the bar were signs that read ‘gangster speakeasy’ and a themed cardboard cutout in the back provided a great photo op. Upon entering, you were so overwhelmed by girls in fur coats and pearls and boys in suits and tie pins that the minimal decoration was easily forgotten.

Concrete Catwalk: Darker Nights Reviewed

It might be a case of watching a little too much Gossip Girl in my library breaks, but in the last few weeks I have been itching for the opportunity for a proper dress up. To don a pair of heels and an outfit that would fit in at neither a ball or the union. An outfit I could lift straight from Vogue and walk around St Andrews without a hint of overdressed embarrassment. Concrete Catwalk’s ‘Darker Nights’ provided the ideal opportunity for just that. On entering The Adamson, I found myself surrounded with a crowd of fellow fashion obsessives who not only embraced my Manrepeller outfit, but complimented it. And all with a cocktail in hand.

Concrete Catwalk’s ‘Dress to Impress’: Reviewed

It’s hard to believe that Concrete Catwalk has only been around for a year. The idea for it started the summer before last with Jamilah, the founder, looking to create something a little more inclusive in St. Andrews: ‘I wanted something that everyone could be on and could showcase the amazing style St. Andrew’s has’. In one year they have achieved 1,636 likes on Facebook, and become a household name in St. Andrews, and last Tuesday was their opportunity to celebrate!

One Horror-Packed Halloween

Although St Andrews is referred to as The Bubble, there are more events going on in the small town that one may realize. With Halloween right around the corner, local shops and University societies are eager to get students in a spooky and festive mood. From themed food to night life, there is plenty to keep any Halloween lover occupied. Make sure to clear your calendar because Halloween 2015 is horror-packed:

How to celebrate Back to the Future Day in St Andrews

October 21, 2015 is almost upon us, and that is, of course, the very day Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett L.Brownd (Doc) arrived from the 80s into what is nearly now the present. We are talking, of course, about Back to the Future II, the second chapter of the Back to the Future franchise, an American comic science fiction-adventure movie series that won 1 Oscar, another 18 wins & 24 nominations – and probably one of the best movie trilogies of all time, especially for those of us feeling a bit nostalgic.

The Adamson Reviewed: New Chef brings us ‘Back to the Future’ with New Menu

It is a cloudy and rainy day, and a Monday, to make things worse. But as we step in award-winning restaurant The Adamson, everything gets better. It is warm, the lights are diffused to create a peaceful atmosphere, and there is a soft and pleasant chit-chat in the background. As usual, we are shown by smiling staff to our table, but what is not usual is the new autumn menu, launched on 10th September 2015.

Some Simple Sauces

Sometimes the meal you've planned seems like it's missing something. So, you decide to add a sauce but have no idea where to begin, since there are so many options and some of them are a bit daunting. This is Sauces 101. These are basic sauces that you can turn to time and time again, in all of your cooking.