602 Ball : Reviewed

Now bear with me here, but I’ve always thought of The Fellowship as being remarkably similar to the Spanish Inquisition. There you are, living your life, when they suddenly rush in screaming, “No one expects The Fellowship of St Andrews!” before scattering to renovate a garden.

What to Wear: 602 Ball

In less than a week St. Andrews is turning 602! How should we celebrate our favourite universities birthday? By donning our best gladrags and preparing to dance the night away at the 602 Ball, of course! Here is a little inspiration to fuel you’re creative juices and procrastination, getting you into the party spirit with razzle dazzle dresses and shiny shoes.

The Playlist: Week Eight

If the arrival of week eight seems daunting, here’s a playlist to get you through the influx of work. This Tuesday the Vic plays host to the launch of 602 and the uni’s extended birthday with a special gin cocktail on offer and DJ Asquire, its the perfect mid-week celebration. If you’re feeling the Halloween blues, the book of choice this week ‘The Making of Zombie Wars’ by Aleksander Hemon should cheer you up. The comic book follows an aspiring writer of a script titled Zombie Wars as he engages in an affair and feels the consequences which seem to follow his own script. Released this Friday, ‘Kill Your Friends’ is a similar mix of comedy and outright killing. Set in the music industry of London 1997, the film follows Steven Stelfox (Nicholas Hoult) as he sacrifices his friends for his career with a great soundtrack and cast the films set to be a cult classic. Following a similar theme this weeks student-written play, ‘An Impromptu Performance’, follows a group of naive criminals who try and rob a drug baron. Whereas if ‘Ghost’ with Patrick Swayze is more your thing, check out The Great Pottery Throw Down on BBC2 this week. While it is yet another spin-off of the Great British franchise, the show promises some great art that reduces the judges to tears.

The St Andrews Ball: Reviewed

Drawing on the success of the 600th Ball last year, the Fellowship of St Andrews have proved themselves to be formidable event convenors. But last night was just the beginning! In addition to providing a night of merriment, the ball makes possible an entire weekend of completely free events that celebrate the Bubble and everyone in it. If last year was any indication, they are definitely not to be missed!

The St Andrews Ball: Celebrating St Andrews Past, Present and Future

Everyone in St Andrews – the students, faculty and locals – feel drawn to the town. It is our home. It is the quirky place we try to explain to our family friends. We show them pictures of ourselves standing on Swilcan’s bridge on the golf course, exclaiming ‘Hugh Grant comes here every year!’ We boast about taking the same class as Kate Middleton when she studied here with Will. And finally, we celebrate our birthdays in the castle at midnight, never having actually seen it during the day. It is already November, and we’ve already made so many memories in this special place. Why then, should we not celebrate this town, university and community, in all its glory?

St Andrews Ball Preview

Following the success of the 600th Finale Ball, The Fellowship of St Andrews has decided to transition the once in a lifetime event into a regular occurrence. Perfect news for those of you who didn’t want to wait 100 years for the next one! This year promises to blend the old favourites with as many modern surprises as the 600th Ball provided. The only thing better than the 600th Ball could be, well, the 601st Ball.