The Rise of the Don’t Walk Empire

In 2001 a new student run fashion show graced the St Andrews fashion scene. Founded by a group of multicultural students as a direct response to the 9 / 11 terror attacks. Youthful and innovative, the show intended to encapsulate the cosmopolitan nature of New York City, defiant in the face of a tragedy. From this noble beginning one of the most anticipated events in the St Andrew’s calendar flourished. But what we can expect from the fashion show powerhouse this year?

Harvest Throwback: Preview

The usual Throwback Thursday that takes over the Vic every few weeks has had a makeover. This Thursday, enjoy a night out AND do something to help those less fortunate. I spoke to Ashton Squires, the resident DJ for Throwback Thursday at the Vic to find out all about Harvest Throwback, the event where the entry fee is some donated food that will be given to a local food bank!


One Horror-Packed Halloween

Although St Andrews is referred to as The Bubble, there are more events going on in the small town that one may realize. With Halloween right around the corner, local shops and University societies are eager to get students in a spooky and festive mood. From themed food to night life, there is plenty to keep any Halloween lover occupied. Make sure to clear your calendar because Halloween 2015 is horror-packed:

Fresher’s Guide: Nights out in St. Andrews

Approaching your third week in St. Andrews there are a few important decisions you will have to make: are the modules you picked right for you? Should you purchase a Barbour jacket? Most importantly what will become your regular nights out? Well to help you, we’ve put together a run down of nights out in St. Andrews.

Under Canvas Preview

Last year, Under Canvas underwent a successful rebranding to become the sole music festival event in St. Andrews. Johannah Alltimes described the music as, “Oh. My. Days. It was incredible” and the event as, “the best event I have ever attended in my 4 years in this town.”

Roadtripping The US Southwest

Several summers ago my entire family – mum, dad, brother, and small yappy dog – piled into our old Volvo station wagon with nothing but our tent, enough food to feed a small army, and a battered Rand McNally road map of the American Southwest. Our end point was Denver, Colorado, where my grandmother lived; our starting point was my home town of Oceanside, California. In between lay the true focus of our journey – the great, sprawling, empty, glorious, otherworldly, and wild, swathes of land that make up the great American Southwest.

Upcoming Band: The Lumineers

I’ll admit it, I have a tendency to watch a lot of bad television. As I finished one episode of my most recent guilty pleasure, a show about a fashionable young New York doctor who moves to a small Alabama town to inherit the medical practice, owned by her recently deceased, biological father (yes, it is as bad as it sounds), a song that I didn’t recognise played. It was a surprisingly good song for a terrible show.