How to Save a Million Pounds: An Ode to My French Press

I’ve developed a pretty serious caffeine dependency in the last few years. Like any addict, I need my fix to get through the day. At this point, my body pretty much aches for coffee first thing in the morning and then again in the middle of the afternoon. Buying coffee in town, though, while delicious and social and always my first choice, gets very expensive at any rate. So I needed to find an alternative option. (Besides, of course, cutting back on my caffeine consumption.)

Cooking Pro: Mother Sauces

Especially when learning to cook, it is very easy to be tempted to simply go day after day just finding a new recipe, going to the store, buying the ingredients and then blindly and diligently following the instructions. But what about the day when you are missing just a pinch of that one spice? What about the day when you have to work with the ingredients you have in your fridge and have no ideas how to combine them?

A Day in the Life of a Vegan

From three square meals to snacking and tea in-between, food is a pivotal part of our day. Not only a necessary energy force, eating is also a relaxing and enjoyable activity that most savour. Meals provide a way to connect with others as well as share cultural dishes and traditions. To many, there aren’t a lot of things that trump the bliss of the first bite of their favourite food, except maybe the rest of the meal.

St Andrews Traditions Explained: How to Find Your Family

When I came to Freshers, I wasn’t quite sure what academic parents were, but I knew I didn’t want to be an orphan. The good news – parents want kids as much as you want to be adopted. An academic parent is usually a 3rd year that ‘adopts’ a group of first years during Freshers. Many people have a mom and a dad but some will end up will a few moms and dads – I have 2 wonderful dads! One of many reasons to get involved in hall and evening activities during Freshers is it gives you the perfect opportunity to meet a parent. I was adopted in the Vic and I know others who were adopted while moving into halls and at various first week hall events. After you are adopted once, it’s not uncommon to have your new mom or dad introduce you to your other parent. Just get chatting: either you or your future parent can pop the question.