Holiday Highlights: Dublin

This past Spring Break, the dates aligned perfectly for this tourist-y American to finally go to Ireland for St. Patty’s Day! (I say Patty’s and others say Paddy’s, but who knows the right way to spell it…) Because I had never been to Ireland before, my friends and I wanted a few days before and after the trip to see this beautiful country. Even if you can’t make it this semester, any time of year is perfect. I’ve written out my suggestions to have the best holiday in the east coast of Ireland!

Greece: Still a Tourist Destination?

“Is it safe to go to Greece this summer? Do I need to bring a lot of cash?  How dangerous are the protests?” These are just some of the questions that I heard last spring. Because of the economic crisis and insecurity surrounding the summer elections, many countries advised their citizens to take precautions when traveling to Greece. I live in Greece every summer, so these warnings resulted in friends waiting for my emailed responses with panicked eyes, hoping that their plans of visiting me for countless days sunbathing and ouzo-drinking could still be salvaged.