On The Rocks: Volunteer Opportunities

At the end of break, St Andrews transforms from a coastal town with an empty castle to one where students flood the streets and (too soon) the library. Yet all the bustle of plane rides and train trips and those few blissful days before classes begin are a minor stir compared to the ten-day long creative frenzy of On The Rocks. And this year, the committee is looking for eager volunteers to help make the festival better than ever.

Au Pairing: Not Quite What It Says On The Tin

Other people’s kids are not my scene. Yet, as a modern language student, grand ideas of summer internships in the city or care-free jobs at festivals are overruled by the importance of work experience abroad to secure that 2:1. Volunteering opportunities abound at the Careers Centre, but last year as my bank account faltered and with Le Monde an unlikely, though ideal, work experience option, au pairing beckoned.  

London Calling: Interviews and Inter-Visits

Fearful fourth year needing a warm space to painfully prepare yourself for that life-changing graduate job interview? 12 hour layover in London before you can finally fly home for Easter? Need a place to hide your shame after the humiliation of not being able to correctly cite the day’s oil trading price at an internship interview? (“Umm, maybe one US dollar a barrel?”, you can judge how successful that was). Fear not, The Wanderer took on the laborious task of asking recent graduates, feverish fourth years and London locals their top tips to pass the time in London pre and post interview.

Why We Are the Entrepreneurial Generation

This week the Students’ Association organised a number of events forming Employability Week, from CV writing workshops to talks from prominent figures in the media and arts world. We St Andreans marvel at the resources that students in larger cities are offered in terms of internships, work experience and jobs. During the school year, the amount of ‘real’ work’ available to us is tiny, and we take what we can waiting tables or serving ice cream. But I think we're luckier than those that came before us, and this is why.

Work Away This Summer

Extremely fed-up with holding out for yet another miserable, cloud- roofed British summer? Want a more sun-kissed, golden-beached getaway?