48 hours in: Luxembourg

‘Where even is Luxembourg?’ I asked myself when my friend first invited me to visit her home. I am always up for an adventure, and I love to experience new cultures and places, but this country was one that I couldn’t even pinpoint on a map. But now, after spending a long girls’ weekend there, I just want to go back and experience this tiny country all over again.

Mallorca: The Magaluf Experience

As a Geordie, I’m used to the ‘standard’ Newcastle nights out. Living so close to the third best party city in Europe (Trip Advisor’s 2010 poll), it would be sad not to make the most of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all about drinking and making an utter fool of myself; I love travelling to exotic places, pondering historical landmarks, indulging in local markets and observing street performances. However, when I planned a trip to Mallorca, I did not see it ending with a few nights in the infamous town of Magaluf.

Escaping the Bubble: Newcastle

St. Andrews is renowned for being a bubble. It seems to be impossible to leave St Andrews for creative weekend jaunts. Edinburgh is too familiar and too close to truly be a get-away. Besides that, Edinburgh doesn’t have a 'legit' vibe. It’s too straight-laced, too upper class, and definitely not wild enough for someone who truly wants to experience life on all levels.