Welly Ball 2018: Reviewed

While ‘The Challenge’ may sound like a cringey 5pm game show, it is actually an annual November shooting competition that brings over 140 shots from universities around the country to East Fife. Some might see the Welly Ball that follows as a quintessentially St Andrews event – playing host to thousands of students in ball gowns, tweed, and most importantly, wellies – but it remains one of the few cross-university events that the town hosts, with attendees from as far as Exeter. The Clay Pigeon Shooting Club somehow manages a finely-tuned schedule starting with a day for the shots and then followed by a ball for both Dinner and After Party guests, greatly to their credit. Welly 2018, though not without its detractions, was yet again a fun experience, with the proceeds going to a great cause. Plus, it had the added bonus of Wellington boots as a barrier both to the usual mud, and toe-stepping revelry of Kinkell.

What to Wear: Welly Ball 2017

Welly Ball is coming up this weekend, and as one of St Andrews’ most-attended events of first semester, this year is guaranteed to be a hit. Taking place on Saturday the 11th of November at Kinkell Byre, the ball has increased their capacity and budget to accommodate 2000 guests at both the dinner and the after-party.  There will be two music options, one in the main barn and one in the marquee. For the fourth year running Welly Ball will be supporting the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, and the committee is proud to announce that they have been awarded a prize for their continued contributions to this organisation.

Welly Ball: Reviewed

The most unusual of dress codes in the most standard of St. Andrew’s settings. In my fourth year I couldn’t resist the one last time to give my social life some welly, at Welly Ball. Welly ball holds a warm place in my heart. Comfy shoes, a sparkly Kinkell and copious amounts of students (who aren’t all from St Andrew’s), what’s not to love? Even better is the fact that the Welly Ball proceeds go to supports the mental health charity Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. A charity that aims to educate on the topic of mental wellbeing, in particular, warning signs of depression. This is an important cause for all students to pay special attention to.

What to Wear: Welly Ball

Its time to scrub the mud of your wellies and give them a lease of life beyond walking the dogs. It’s Welly Ball! That magical time of year when we actually get to wear footwear suited to Kinkell Byre.

Welly Ball: Reviewed

It was an evening which combined the two things that St. Andrews students just can’t seem to get enough of: Gumboots, wellies or Wellington boots by any other name, and balls. Welly Ball is organised in conjunction with the St. Andrews Challenge, a clay pigeon shooting competition which brings together shooters from all over the country. The after-party was preceded by a two-course dinner, and was held in the beautiful and picturesque Kinkell Byre, a mere coach ride away from St. Andrews, which swelled the number of guests from 500 to 750. Eden Mill Distillery and Emily Fruit Crisps sponsored the event and proceeds from the event went to the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust.

What To Wear : Welly Ball

Ready to get those wellys muddy? Welly Ball is finally here! I’m trying my best to contain my excitement, but this is one of my favourite dress codes. Personally, I wish it was socially acceptable to wear wellys to every ball: they’re comfortable, they make wiping out on the dance floor a lot less likely and they’re waterproof (I can’t be the only one who manages to spill a baffling number of drinks on their feet). However, glamming up a pair of wellys does require a bit of inspiration. Here are a few handy little starting points to help you get ready for a night of pain free dancing in Kinkell.

Welly Ball: Preview

Welly Ball; the night of the year where the two things that St. Andrews loves so much are combined to make one perfect evening. As the official after party to the St Andrews Clay Pigeon shoot, this is a Ball with a difference. The attendees can ditch the stilettos, brogues and any other items of appropriate formal footwear, as (you’ve guessed it), the foot dress code is the Wellington boot, from Hunters to Joules in all colours of the rainbow. The evening is divided into a dinner and an after party, with 750 and 800 guests respectively, and this year’s headline act is “Model Aeroplanes”, with “The Black Sheep Music Society”, “Ali Ellis” and “Joe Jones” also performing. This year the event is being sponsored by Eden Mill Distillery and Emily Fruit Crisps and being held at Kinkell Byre which boats a beautiful and dramatic view of St. Andrews Bay and the North Sea, if you can drag yourself away from the dance floor long enough to look at it. With all proceeds going to the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, the evening promises the opportunity to eat, drink and be merry into the small hours in true St. Andrews style.

Welly Ball Reviewed

Essay in. Dress on. Feet in wellies. I am running out the door catching one of the last busses to take me to the beautiful Kinkell Byre.

What to Wear: Welly Ball

Still don’t know what to wear? Never fear, Owl Eyes’ fashion experts Victoria Skeie and Becky Knight have  plenty of ideas for you. (Hint: they all involve wellies).

The Playlist: Week 9

It’s week 9 and it’s that time of year again for you to don your wellies at Welly Ball and meet the new theatrical talent in St Andrews with the Freshers’ Plays. Also new this week is Stephen King’s ‘Revival’; it has the usual chilling horror of King with a look into the other side of life and addiction. The return of the BBC documentary about the high end department store Liberty’s of London also gives a glimpse at the other side and the addiction of expensive consumerism.  In search of life outside of earth, the scientific spectacle of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ hits the cinemas this week.