Top 5: Beaches in Scotland

It’s March. It’s Scotland. We are by the North Sea. Only days ago we had snow. We have not yet been able to model our fully varied scarf collection. Despite all of this, for some inexplicable reason, when the sun shines in St Andrews a “beach walk” is immediately back on the agenda. If, however, the appeal of West Sands is wearing thin, why not take advantage of Spring Break and check out some of the other beautiful beaches Scotland has to offer – after all, the (partially) sunny weather won’t be around forever.

A Wanderer’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

When my editor asked me to write an article for Valentine’s Day my first two thoughts were: how do I make this non cringe-inducing and after a lot of thought, that in the end it inevitably would be. I was also reminded of the first article I wrote for Owl Eyes about a love letter a friend and I found in Mitchell’s Deli on Market Street. The letter was short and beautifully simple – “If you are reading this then you are directly linked to the moment I decided A was incredible, amazing and worth keeping. I’ll let you know how it goes, x T”. With this in mind I decided to write an article about spending Valentine’s Day in and around our little old town – no need to jet off to Paris here!

Hometown Highlights: Putney

Putney is not cool. Fortunately neither is it trying to be. A leafy suburb of South West London, you can wander Putney comfortable in the knowledge that The Sartorialist (or The Sartoriowl!) will not be waiting around the next corner. In fact you are much more likely to bump into the neighbour's labrador.

Escaping the Bubble: Newcastle

St. Andrews is renowned for being a bubble. It seems to be impossible to leave St Andrews for creative weekend jaunts. Edinburgh is too familiar and too close to truly be a get-away. Besides that, Edinburgh doesn’t have a 'legit' vibe. It’s too straight-laced, too upper class, and definitely not wild enough for someone who truly wants to experience life on all levels.