Winter Treats

Looking for a snack to cure those winter blues? These treats are guaranteed to warm up your stomach and heart!

Adventures in Alaska

At least my death will probably make the papers: maybe not CNN, but definitely my hometown’s Libertyville Review ‘cause I’m tragically adorable enough. These were the thoughts running through my head as the small-enough-to-see-the-cockpit, rickety “plane” jerked and dipped its way through the roaring polar winds towards our destination somewhere north of the Arctic Circle. Peering fearfully downwards through the biting sheets of icy flakes, I gulped at the jagged, white peaks pointed threateningly up towards us like the teeth of a terrifying snow monster; being eaten by a creature of ice was not exactly how I envisioned this trip going.

La Fête des Lumières

La Fête des Lumières is the biggest annual event in Lyon. In the 17th century, a plague struck and the town councilors vowed to pay tribute to the Virgin Mary, should the city be spared. Since then, the citizens of Lyon have lit candles in their windows on the 8th December every year. The celebrations now last four days and on the first day of the festival, there is still a candlelit procession up to the Basilica at Fourvière. Beside the Basilica is the huge illuminated message ‘MERCI MARIE’, which towers over the city, as a reminder of the festival's origins.