Trend Watch: Brighten Up Your Wardrobe in the Depths of Winter

The beginning of the year can sometimes appear grey and depressing. It is filled with all sorts of trials from struggling to hold on to your remaining New Years resolutions, to battling through the never-ending cold. That’s not to mention the pressure of Valentines Day that February brings. However as the season of fashion shows in St Andrews is upon us, there is no excuse to sacrifice your wardrobe to this grey epidemic.

Model Behavior: Festive Makeup 2014

The deadline-filled semester is slowly drawing to a close and the word on everyone’s lips is ‘Christmas.’ The time is fast approaching for us to return home and be welcomed back into the folds of our loving families. Christmas is a family season, thus the perfect time to show off how the freedom we experience in St Andrews is put to use. I always find that the Christmas season is the optimum time to experiment with new makeup looks, sparkle and be the belle of the ball! Forget blending into the crowd, now is the time to light up the room with these simple but effective looks for the most important days of the holiday.

Vintage Collective Reviewed

I spent my Saturday morning drinking coffee and browsing through the retro attire of yesteryear. The Vintage Collective has been one of the most interesting vintage fairs I have ever been to, and what a lovely day for a nice wee return to reality after a frightful night of ghosts and ghouls. Younger Hall was transformed into a treasure chest of all sorts, with enough room to browse and admire the truly expansive range that was on offer. With garlands of Union Jacks strung across the balconies, racks full of abundant clothes lined the floor of Younger Hall along with tables of beautiful jewelry and quirky antiques.

The Silky Bomber Jacket

With the prospect of spring becoming a far off dream, I’ve taken it upon myself to persuade the weather to change. I was faced with two options in this venture:  a) a reverse rain dance in market street… maybe not or b) swapping my winter jacket for an alternative (any excuse to shop).

The Kilt

I thought long and hard about whether to address this item of clothing for this week’s trend watch. However, I can’t deny it any longer – I have succumbed to the wiles of the kilt.