Meet The Team

Daisy Treloar,

Daisy Treloar


Art History

Daisy is a fourth year Art History student with a strong love for the arts and an irrational hatred of pirates. A city girl at heart, she came to East Fife to see how people can live without Über and McDonalds. When not dividing her time (badly) between the library and events, you can find her singing horrendously or convincing people that South London isn’t that bad.

Daisy Sewell,

Daisy Sewell

Bon Vivant Editor

French and Modern History

Daisy is a fourth year French and Modern History student who has just returned from a year working in Paris. After her in time in the big city, she is happy to return to Fife life. A lover of creative writing, podcasts and incessant chatting with friends, Daisy can also be found looking perplexed in the library or making banana pancakes, her everyday breakfast of choice. Honestly, every single day.

Sandra de Giorgi,

Sandra de Giorgi

Gastronome Editor

Art History and English Literature

Sandra was born and raised in Switzerland and studies Art History and English, in her fourth year now. A self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, she loves Netflix’s Chef’s Table and challenging her palette. When not editing articles, she’s either in the library or planning Save the Children’s next event!

Caitlin Morris,

Caitlin Morris

Theatre Editor


Caitlin is a fourth year English student and decade long theatre enthusiast. After three years in St Andrews she is still yet to find the right work/theatre balance, so can usually be found in the Barron Theatre busily rehearsing and trying to forget essay fear for a few hours.

Harry Gunning,

Harry Gunning

Head of Photography

Sabrina Mateo,

Sabrina Mateo

Business Manager


After living in 7 different cities across 3 different continents, Sabrina has landed in St Andrews to study psychology. She is a fourth year that can almost always be found to be out on Friday nights. And Wednesday nights. Sometimes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings too. When Sabrina isn’t ordering Dominos because she’s too lazy to cook, she can be found taking city breaks across Europe and being completely inept at Instagram.

Felicity Crudge,

Felicity Crudge

Copy Editor

Medieval History

Catherine Sweeney,

Catherine Sweeney

Social Media Officer

Film Studies and French

Catherine is a fourth year from Boston studying Film Studies and French. She is best known for watching unreasonable amounts of interviews on YouTube, procrastinating coursework and gallivanting around Europe in search of the cutest cafés.

Henry Crabtree,

Henry Crabtree

Informer Editor

Art History

Eliza Gray,

Eliza Gray

Web Designer

Management and Art History