Meet The Team

Dana Malefakis,

Dana Malefakis


Art History and English Literature

Dana is from New York City, and spends most of her time daydreaming about the next country she will visit. She loves Surrealist paintings and French poems, yoga and hiking and Reese’s peanut butter cups. When she’s not doing work or brainstorming ways to raise money for ASPCA, you can find her on the beach trying to start a bonfire and convince her friends to join her for some S’mores.

Sarah Park,

Sarah Park

Informer Editor

Art History

Sarah is a third year Art History student from Orange County, California whose special skills include eating pasta, spotting dogs on the street from miles away and making themed Spotify playlists. When not spending time trying to keep up with St Andrews’ insane social calendar, Sarah can be found camped out in Taste or Rector’s piled under her coursework.

Rachel Patel,

Rachel Patel

Wanderer Editor

English Literature

Rachel is a small and permanently dazed English major. In her third year now, she takes every opportunity to lie in bed watching YouTube videos of vegan lunchbox ideas. If she must spend time in the library, she likes to sit on the floor next to the dvds and think about how much she would rather be watching Amelie than writing her essay. Her favourite way to procrastinate is by searching Skyscanner to find outrageously cheap flights.

Sandra de Giorgi,

Sandra de Giorgi

Gastronome Editor

Art History and English Literature

Sandra was born and raised in Switzerland and studies Art History and English, in her third year now. A self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, she loves Netflix’s Chef’s Table and challenging her palette. When not editing articles, she’s either in the library or planning Save the Children’s next event!

Daisy Treloar,

Daisy Treloar

Bon Vivant Editor

Art History

Daisy is a third year Art History student with a strong love for the arts and an irrational hatred of pirates. A city girl at heart, she came to East Fife to see how people can live without Über and McDonalds. When not dividing her time (badly) between the library and the Union, you can find her singing horrendously or convincing people that South London isn’t that bad.

Miles Hurley,

Miles Hurley

Theatre Editor

International Relations and Modern History

Miles is a third year International Relations and Modern History student, whose true calling is being a theatre nerd. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Miles jumped across the atlantic to escape the heat, and to see what snow really looks like for the first time. When he isn’t editing or studying, Miles is either in the Barron theatre, pretending he knows his lines, or at home, watching Netflix instead of learning his lines.

Melissa Leigh Church,

Melissa Leigh Church

Head of Photography

Management and Comparative Literature

Melissa Leigh Church is a fourth year studying Management and Comparative Literature. She is from Spartanburg, South Carolina– and isn’t surprised if you haven’t heard of it. This year, Mel is also Publicity Officer for Thrift Soc. When she isn’t cooking carbohydrate-based vegetarian meals, she can be found taking Instagram too seriously and telling people stories about her dog.

Sabrina Mateo,

Sabrina Mateo

Business Manager


After living in 7 different cities across 3 different continents, Sabrina has landed in St Andrews to study psychology. She is a third year that can almost always be found to be out on Friday nights. And Wednesday nights. Sometimes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings too. When Sabrina isn’t ordering Dominos because she’s too lazy to cook, she can be found taking city breaks across Europe and being completely inept at Instagram.

Lauren Golledge,

Lauren Golledge

Social Media

Film Studies and English Literature

Lauren is a fourth year Film Studies and English student, a Disney fanatic, and a denier of her lactose intolerance. A California girl, she wanted to move coasts, and country, so she ended up in East Fife! She spends her time watching Office reruns, denying that her American accent is annoying or sitting in her red armchair pretending to work whilst mindlessly scrolling through ASOS.

Ellen Devine,

Ellen Devine

Graphics Editor

Geography and Management

Ellen is in her fourth and final year of a Geography and Management degree, and hopes to change the world some day (obviously, what else would you do with a degree like that)! She is from just outside of Glasgow, thus is a loyal west-coast-er, but spent a lot of her childhood holidays and summers in Fife. At any given time, there is a high probability of finding her in St Andrews’ beloved Pret. When she’s not ‘studying’, Ellen is typically exploring in the realm of Spotify or drinking tea and discussing life with her first class flatmates.

Natasha Waddell,

Natasha Waddell

Graphics Editor

Art History

Natasha is a third year Art History student and is always trying to make people see things in a different way. Tash is interested in feminism, Beyonce (of course) and when not trying to battle everyday sexism or reading Griselda Pollock, she is stalking Chiara Ferragni’s Instagram story for fashion inspiration. When at home in London she gains inspiration from exhibitions especially in the Whitechapel gallery, and can be found in the corner of a tiny coffee shop in Clerkenwell or searching for a new oversized fluffy coat in Spitalfields.