Meet The Team

Victoria Skeie,

Victoria Skeie



Since she was born, Victoria has been eagerly trotting the globe. Growing up in Norway, Japan, and the Netherlands, she figured it was time so see what the UK was about – and came to East Fife. When she isn’t traveling, she can be found practicing yoga and eating a lot of cheese.

Jenny Elwin,

Jenny Elwin

Wanderer Editor

English Literature and Modern History

Jenny grew up in Hertfordshire but now her home away from St Andrews is a tiny village in Sussex that no one has ever heard of. She thinks that most things can be fixed with brown paper and fairylights. She loves travelling, ceilidhs and country music, and could happily live off pumpkin pie and avocados. She is most likely to be heard saying ‘I saw this thing on pinterest…’

Becky Knight,

Becky Knight

Informer Editor

Modern History

Becky is an aspiring journalist hailing from a small village no one has ever heard of in Yorkshire. She is kept pretty busy covering the overstuffed St Andrews social calendar, but still finds time to travel the internet for new trends that have yet to crack the surface of the bubble. If not in the library, she can usually be found somewhere along the fife coastal path or in bed with Netflix.

Stephanie Araneo,

Stephanie Araneo

Bon Vivant Editor

Management and English Literature

Stephie is a fourth-year Management and English student with a strong love for movies and an unhealthy obsession with dogs. Originally a staff writer for Owl Eyes, Stephanie knows that the idea of writing a published article can be daunting. So while she is babbling on about her new favourite television show, ranting about how underrated Spike Jonze is, or killing her eardrums with some loud 90s R&B, please feel free to interrupt her and ask any questions about your creative ideas!

Maddie Gold,

Maddie Gold

Gastronome Editor

Film Studies

Maddie has recently returned from her study abroad in Virginia fully equipped with some delicious southern recipes to comfort/fatten us up for coming winter months! As a Film Studies major, she can often be found in the cinema, or frantically googling employment opportunities at McDonald’s…

Melissa Leigh Church,

Melissa Leigh Church

Head of Photography

Management and Comparative Literature

Melissa Leigh Church is a third year studying Management and Comparative Literature. She is from Spartanburg, South Carolina– and isn’t surprised if you haven’t heard of it. This year, Mel is also Publicity Officer for Thrift Soc. When she isn’t cooking carbohydrate-based vegetarian meals, she can be found taking Instagram too seriously and telling people stories about her dog.

Sabrina Mateo,

Sabrina Mateo

Business Manager


After living in 7 different cities across 3 different continents, Sabrina has landed in St Andrews to study psychology. She is a second year that can almost always be found to be out on Friday nights. And Wednesday nights. Sometimes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings too. When Sabrina isn’t ordering Dominos because she’s too lazy to cook, she can be found taking city breaks across Europe and being completely inept at Instagram.

Gabriella Giles,

Gabriella Giles

Social Media and Informer Graphics Editor

Art History and English

Gaby is a fourth year Art History and English major from Surrey, England. Her interests include reading, writing and eating. Her life aspiration is to own seven dogs.

Raney Warner,

Raney Warner

Gastronome Graphics Editor

Modern History

Raney is a modern history student splitting her time between William & Mary and St Andrews although her preference is this lovely Scottish town. She is a fan of good food and friendly animals and greatly dislikes writing bios and temperatures below 20 degrees.