A Halloween Night In

Preparing for Halloween and want to be in a spooky mood? Not really up for having a night out and just want to stay in on Halloween? Trying to justify the amount of procrastination you’re doing by watching Netflix? Grab your laptop and a bag of popcorn and turn down the lights to celebrate this creepy holiday!

Child’s Play (1, 2, 3) and Seed of Chucky


A classic horror franchise that many people know better as Chucky. This film is about a serial killer whose soul, through voodoo ritual, possesses a Good Guy doll and proceeds to terrorise a family who bought it as a birthday present for their young son. The first film of the franchise is filled with great horror moments that will make you jump while the later films become more “horror” comedy and will leave you both laughing and screaming.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

This cult classic is about an evil alien race disguised as freakish circus clowns that arrive on Earth and harvest people to use as sustenance. Though this film appears to be horror, it is quite the opposite, even being frequently watched by people with phobias of clowns. This movie is perfect for those who enjoy movies that are so bad they’re good, and will leave you in tears laughing.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Two well-meaning hillbillies go to fix up a decrepit cabin in the middle of the woods; however, a group of paranoid college students in a nearby cabin believe that they are serial killers. Hilarity ensues in this “horror” parody that follows so many classic horror movie tropes.

The Addams Family

Based on the 1960’s television series, this ghoulish family welcomes a stranger, whom they believe to be a beloved family member, into their home. This movie will leave you with many more laughs than frights as a Halloween family classic.


Carrie (2013 remake)

A remake of the Stephen King novel about a shy and isolated girl in a high school, who, after extremely traumatizing incidents, finds out that she has telekinesis and uses it to get revenge. As a classic high school revenge story, this film will leave you ready for many more frights.

The Blair Witch Project

This pseudo-documentary follows a group of film students through the woods as they search for a legendary witch in the scariest all-nighter of their lives. With a legendary marketing campaign that left people believing that this was a real documentary, this movie holds up to the tests of time and will leave you terrified of walking alone in the dark.

An American Werewolf in London

A British horror-comedy where two Americans on a backpacking holiday in England are attacked one night. One survives and in the following full moons proceeds to terrorise Londoners while the other comes back as a ghost in attempt to advise his now lupine friend. Equally terrifying and hilarious, this film is a classic.

Do you want your Halloween celebration to extend beyond one night? Check out these television series that will leave you always ready for more frightful nights.

American Horror Story

This television series explores humanity’s capacity for evil as people who die at a specific residence proceed to haunt future occupants. This series will leave you wondering if that figure in the corner of your eye is really real or just your imagination.


The Vampire Diaries

Two vampire brothers fight for the attention of a beautiful teenage girl and their feud proceeds to attract the attention of other supernatural beings in the town and torment the town. This drama is based on the book series of the same name and has a cult following that will leave you constantly wanting more.

All images sourced from Pinterest.