Around the World of Dance: preview

For those that enjoy the unexpected, this spicy multi-cultural dance show is set to end On the Rocks 2014 with a bang. Around the World of Dance will feature performances from all corners of the world, from Bellydance to Bollywood, Bhangra to Highland Dance. Different cultures will meet together in a splash of wild colours, sparkly costumes, fusion music and plenty of shimmies, taking place Sunday 13th April at 7.30 pm in Venue 1.

In its second year ATWOD will bring a distinctive flavour to On the Rocks. Organised by EIDSoc (The Ethnic Dance Society) in collaboration with DanceSoc and SwingSoc, the show aims to showcase St Andrews’ diversity of dance, music and dress. Alternative, exotic dance styles are the evening’s highlights. The music will evoke far-away places and traditions and modern cultural movements, also incorporating edgy fusion sounds for an immersive entertainment experience. EIDSoc’s own dance troupe, the Desert Roses will contribute to this fusion of times and style, having planned several performances to pepper the show.


Fiona Leslie, EIDSoc president, tells us: “We’re really excited to showcase a year’s worth of hard work and we can’t wait for everyone to see our show! Our tutors have created amazing choreographies to exhibit each dance style at its best and everybody’s is putting in a lot of effort so that our guests will get a great experience. Collaborating with other student groups and societies enabled us to cover as much of the globe’s cultures and dances as possible, so as to truly take our audience around the world.”

It appears EIDSoc has prepared a rather unusual night of entertainment. I, for one, am looking forward to see this combination of unconventional and better-known contemporary dances. If this captivating journey around the world sparks your interest, you can get a ticket from the On the Rocks Box Office in Rector’s Café this week.


For more information, visit the event page. And if you’re interested in trying any unusual dance styles, EIDSoc offers weekly classes in Bellydance, Bollywood, Bhangra, Zumba and Samba. From my experience, the classes are great fun and perfect to escape the daily St Andrews daily stress! To find out more, you can check out their website or Facebook page.


All images courtesy of Pinterest.