Art Soc’s Creative Lock-In: What Went Down in Those Wee Hours

The Art Society started their semester off with a bang at last weekend’s Creative Lock-In, the first of the new academic year. The Barron Theatre was packed with musicians, painters, poets, writers, crafters, sketchers, collagers and one nude model from 11pm on Friday until 6am on Saturday. Participants were encouraged to bring snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, but the committee members also provided tea all night for those who needed the caffeine.

The space was adorned with fairy lights, the hodgepodge of furniture stored in the theatre, and various creative supplies provided by the society – a tight squeeze all-in-all, but a wonderful place to chat with other artistic folk if that’s your fancy. For future Lock-ins, Owl Eyes recommends getting there early to ensure you have a comfortable spot to make the most of your night.

Event manager Nicole Slyusareva regards this weekend as “the best Creative Lock-In in my two years at St Andrews,” and, from her, that’s saying something! The third-year was previously the life drawing coordinator with the society, participating in or even organising some of the group’s most sought-after events.

Highlights included the life drawing room, the music jamming session and creative writing society Inklight’s workshop. It also didn’t hurt that the event was free to everyone, including nonmembers.

If you missed out on the artsy-fartsy goodness, don’t worry! The Lock-In is a biannual event, so keep your eyes peeled next semester for any updates. If that wait is just too long for you to bear, Art Soc will continue to throw other events throughout the year, including their very popular life drawings every Tuesday.

Photos by Melissa Church and Jessica Faith Cooper