ATB:01 Reviewed

There is something to be said for escapism in a place like St. Andrews. Sometimes, on a rainy and cold night, the sight of the rain pooling in between the cobbles lends a feeling that is more than melancholy. It is such times that a night like Saturday is needed; a little reminder of places outside the bubble, with real people doing and making real things (not to say that’s not the same in good old St. A’s but at times, anywhere past the Old Course or the pier can be easily forgotten).

ife mofel

The first of what will hopefully be many more to come, ATB:01 – can we call it ATB’s first session? – filled a gaping hole in the blanket-spread of music in St. Andrews. Whilst there is an plethora of musical entertainments, especially acapella and the consistently sold out Music is Love ventures, as well as regular classical concerts, open mics and karaoke, there is a limit to such variety. Something cheap, something new, something to do on a Saturday night, even if it’s just to dance wildly to an unknown or upcoming band with an spilled-over pint of cider in hand.


This is what ATB:01 proved itself to be. Beginning with the slow, reverbing and trance-like sounds of Life Model, the room with the furniture pushed up against the walls sounded like it was submerged in the rain-water from outside. All around smiling faces nodded and shuffled to the dreamy and unique styling tickling our musical taste buds. Deathcats came next and succeeded in elevating the atmosphere in the room (and the dancing) to the sheer, chaotic mess of a great gig. Great-looking lads with great accents, great chat and most importantly, great songs are what they turned out to be; fast-paced and fun. The night ended with Seas, Starry and their instrumental rock, rounding off the gig perfectly with the ecstatic feeling of sheer enjoyment that emanated out of the multiple drums being played. We left feeling purified.


ATB:01 enticed, just like many of the Music is Love nights, the creative out of whichever crevice they hide in. The theory of 3 gigs for £3 gave a brilliant, home-made feel and sometimes it’s nice to remember that there is more to Uni life than slaving over essay titles and looking for microwaveable instructions; people our age are making good tunes for the purpose of getting others to dance and succeeding brilliantly at it. Hopefully it wont be long until the next session comes around; there isn’t a better excuse for procrastinating than dancing to a band you’ve never heard of but will never forget.


All images courtesy of Facebook.