Comfort Music to Feed Your Soul

As the daylight hours shorten and the temperature starts to drop, I begin to feel a sort of dread towards the inevitable late-night library sessions and bitterly cold walks home.  Autumn and Winter is my favourite time of year, but when swamped with coursework one can’t help but let the night (which arrives at 3pm) put you in a bit of a blue mood. But everybody knows that the perfect remedy for gloominess or lethargy is some cheering tunes on your walk home or halfway through that marathon-style studying. Here are my favourites:


  1. Jack Johnson

I have been listening to Jack Johnson for many years now but this Autumn he has been a bit of rediscovery.  I had almost forgotten about him but, thank goodness, not yet.  Banana Pancakes and Better Together will soothe your soul like nothing else. He is my go-to whenever I’m feeling a little low or over breakfast in the morning to start my day off right.  He really is perfect for all occasions.


  1. ABBA

There’s not much more that I need to say here.  Iconic, orchestral, joyous.  A dose of Dancing Queen or the empathetic melodies of Chiquitita will have you right as rain in no time.


  1. Tom Misch

Another very chilled vibe, and a recommendation from The High Low (my favourite podcast). His voice is beautiful, the acoustic nature of his music is so easy to listen to but never boring; I notice something new every time I turn his music on.  My personal favourites are You’re On My Mind and It Runs Through Me. It’s very beautiful and oh, so relaxing.


  1. Carole King

For some reason, Carole King is one of my favourite rainy day artists. Her music is so soulful but also comforting, like a hot water bottle. I could listen to her dulcet tones all day. Some songs you should not miss are Will You Love Me Tomorrow?, A Natural Woman and Home Again. 


  1. Fleetwood Mac

I was searching my Spotify songs for something new and interesting that I could listen to when in need of a pick-me-up, but you can’t beat the oldies. Fleetwood Mac created some of my absolutely favourite music and, if for no other reason, they are perfect for a spontaneous boogie about your bedroom. Top picks are Dreams, Everywhere and Go Your Own Way.  They really are the greats.

I hope these artists and songs provide you with a little warmth in the coming cold months, just like they have cheered me on rainy days.  Please be aware that all listed music is best enjoyed with a hot beverage and blanket.