Contractions: explained

Dark and twisting, On The Rocks presents Contractions, a comedy about love, relationships and control. We caught up with the production team, to tell us a little bit more.


What’s Contractions all about? Tell us a little bit about the piece.

Contractions is primarily a power play between two women, one is the manager at a large firm and the other is a Emma, new employee of the firm. Emma starts up a relationship with one of her co-workers and her manager feels that this in breach of her contract. Unfortunately I can’t say much more than that without giving lots away. I will say that the play takes a few very dark turns and leave it at that.

Were there any challenges in bringing the play to life?

Although the play itself has a relatively simple setting (an office), I wanted to find a way to play with the staging to represent the relationship between the two women. This led to quite a bit of experimenting with blocking and playing around with space in the Barron. I think we’ve worked out something which captures the relationship as well as using the Barron differently to how it’s been used before.

What do you hope an audience takes away from the performance?

Another question that I can’t really answer without spoilers! What I really want is for everyone who comes to see the play to take away something different. The play has a lot of layers and I feel that different people will see different things in the writing. Ultimately, I want my audience to leave the theatre thinking about the play, there’s nothing worse than a play that people forget about before going out the door.


What inspired you to produce your event with On The Rocks?

On the Rocks is brilliant because it brings together so many different art-forms and puts them all in the same week, it’s something that’s great to be a part of and easy to get involved in (perhaps too easy, the festival can become ridiculously busy for those of us involved in multiple events!).