Energy, Boogie, Funky

“Energy” “Boogie” “Funky”

These were the three words used to describe Itchy Feet. As the Itchy Feet Tour Bus rolled into St Andrews yesterday, I spoke to first timers and old timers who were all just as excited for a night of dancing. And dancing the people did.

Venue 1 was turned into a spectacular array of dance genres, as swing dancers showed off their immense talents and those not-so swing orientated,lost all inhibitions with a night where any shapes that are cut are done so in a non-judgment area. As I looked around the dance floor, all I saw was happy faces dancing to rockabilly, northern soul, Motown, old school rock and roll. The DJ’s and band,alike had the crowd up and going to old classics like “Soul Man” and “Hound Dog”, “Respect” – songs you cannot help dancing too. This, I think, is what makes Itchy Feet a successful club night that deserves a prime space in the social calendar for any semester. I can’t think of any other social night that brings together a mish-mash of people (I saw one guy in a beaver suit) and has the contagious effect of fun, laughter and of course, Itchy Feet.

Top 3 songs of the night

Move On Up – Curtis Mayfield

Shout – Lulu

Buddy Holly – La Bamba