Freshers’ Guide: Top Five Films to Watch Hungover with Your Flatmates

As the typical Scottish weather begins to take hold after a long Freshers’ week it is safe to say that a duvet day is on most of our to do lists. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top five films for you and your flatmates to watch whilst nursing those hangovers.

Mean Girls

Mean Girls is a go-to hangover movie that most of us have seen making it the perfect film to put your memory back into practice with the recital of every line. Before we are forced to try and be adults again it’s time to look back into the divisions of the cafeteria and the high school politics. Whether you’re watching with new flatmates or old friends Mean Girls is the best film to bond over on a duvet Sunday, you could even decide which of your friend group is which character.


Note: if you’ve outlived Mean Girls then Bridesmaids is the next best thing with the perfect mix of comedy and rivalry between new and old friends that gets resolved eventually over the perfect wedding day.


If you’re looking for something more action based with a twist of profundity Léon is your film. Directed by Luc Besson, Léon focuses on its solitary eponymous hero and his job as a professional hitman. His profession is put into jeopardy when Mathilda (a young Natalie Portman) needs Léon to protect her from the DEA after they murder her family. The film is awash with amazing performances especially from Gary Oldman. It’s easy watching but strikes some deep chords with massive highs and lows. As a warning, after this you’ll be desperate to get a Japanese Peace Lily for your flat.


If you spent your summer working a rubbish job to save up some money, Adventureland is for you. After graduating James (Jesse Eisenberg) had plans to travel Europe before Grad School but once his parents can no longer fund his plans he’s forced to take a job at a local amusement park Adventureland. Whilst working he meets Em (Kristen Stewart) and begins to fall for her but his plans are again interrupted. The film is set in the 80’s with retro vibes flowing from the soundtrack and costumes. Whilst it is a rom-com in some senses, Adventureland is full of twists, teenage angst and wasters who end up making it in the end (not too dissimilar to Freshers’ week really).



The Darjeeling Limited

As the summer blues start to kick in at the end of Freshers’ week we all need an excuse to relive our travels. Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited focuses on three brothers Peter (Adrian Brody), Francis (Owen Wilson) and Jack (Jason Schwartzman) who a reunited on what Francis believes is a spiritual journey across India on the Darjeeling Limited train. Like all Wes Anderson films, there is that touch of comedy alongside a mix of emotions and beautiful cinematography. Each of the brothers suffers a different flaw which both antagonises and unites them (much like your own flatmate family).

Shaun of the Dead

Another classic hangover movie, Shaun of the Dead is stuffed full of brilliant moments extremely relevant to the end of Freshers’ week. At this point we can all relate to the Shaun and Ed’s (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) need for a cornetto and a can of coke after a heavy night in the Winchester and we’ve all seen someone as drunk as the duo think Mary is in the garden. Stumbling zombie-like to classes in week one makes it clear where Simon Pegg and Nick Frost took their inspiration from. If you’re off on Monday or desperate to keep on partying Shaun of the Dead is the perfect drinking game; try drinking every time the Winchester is mentioned or a zombie is hit and downing your drink when a loved one dies.