Inklight Poetry Slam: Reviewed

Inklight presented a poetry slam as part of On The Rocks Festival! The closest poetry gets to a competitive sport, some talented St Andrews poets battled it out over the microphone in Sandy’s Bar. It was a close race.

The evening was lovely. Inklight provided free glasses of wine at the beginning. The presenter Loren Ewart was funny and captivating and really carried the night along smoothly. The crowd filled up Sandy’s Bar and was incredibly engaged and receptive through the night. I was shocked at the bravery of the performers, who shared intimate words and shook with passion. Each poet, I would argue, left a mark on the audience, as each offered personal perspectives on serious themes.

Unfortunately, this was a ‘slam’ – a competition – which means there had to be a winner. The top three spoke beautiful verses.

Divya commented on the American Dream, highly critical of modern Americanism. She courageously shared her tragic experiences of racial violence and seized the audience. She was riveting, poignantly piecing difficult matters and cultural references together despite the pain.

Jo was open about her experiences with anxiety. No doubt she could feel her throat tighten in front of all of her peers listening, but she connected well with her audience, and highlighted the relatable aspects of her struggle, like the constant buzzing of a phone.

Parker spoke a poem about writing a poem – very meta. They enlightened us with the experience of listening to other people listen to their words. Their poem was rich in metaphor and confidently conveyed. They won the competition.

The winner Parker was awarded the coveted final spot in the Grand Slam on Sunday April 29th! Check them out at Sandy’s Bar at 8pm.